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P-1 MARSHAL Modern TECH Pistol

The P-1 MARSHAL Modern TECH Pistol by UAC is a fully integrated weapons system comprised of tools, features, and technologies that were previously only available to the firearms industry as makeshift or aftermarket accessories.

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The Future of Survival

Designed for streamlined self-defense. Modeled after an FNX-45 Tactical pistol. We have spent years developing the perfect weapon to not just survive, but thrive in unpredictable landscapes.

Red Dot Optic

Red dot optic allows for faster target acquisition, increased accuracy, and is suitable for a variety of shooting scenarios including low-light conditions.


Illuminate the night, disorient an attacker, signal and communicate with others. The flashlight feature is a multi-use tool that prepares you for a multitude of scenarios.

4k Camera w/ Mic

Our 4k camera feature includes a built-in microphone, holster trigger, and easy control. Choose to automatically record when the gun is unholstered.

HUD Display & Controls

The norms of firearm technology have been annihilated. Now with a touchscreen LCD HUD with on/off interface and more.

1” x 1” Touchscreen LCD

Rapidly access necessary information such as ammunition count, battery life, safety mode and other relevant data.

Tritium Sights

Tritium-illuminated sights offer a distinct aiming point in low-light environments, enabling expeditious and precise target identification.

Laser, Camera & Flashlight Buttons

Easily activate or deactivate the laser, camera, and flashlight functions with the touch of a button.

Product Accessories

Upgrade Your Capabilities: Add-Ons such as a secondary LED flashlight, suppressor, charging cables and micro SC port and card available.

Handgun dimensions based off a FNX-45 Tactical pistol.

Tech Specs

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About Us

UMBRELLA ARMS CORP is a manufacturer and innovator of firearms and related technologies. UMBRELLA is constantly working to bring new and cutting-edge products to market to serve our domestic and global customers and partners worldwide. We specialize in custom-designed firearms, electronics, precision ammunition, and tactical accessories like body armor and other protective and defensive equipment. UMBRELLA’s mission is to innovate and elevate the firearms industry bringing with it new and yet unrealized utility, features and efficiencies to this space and beyond. FFL License number: 9-86-019-07-5C-16545 SOT Control Number: 2022266-N50-003

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P-1 MARSHAL Modern TECH Pistol

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